23rd International Congress on Acoustics, Sept. 09-13, 2019
integrating 4th EAA Euroregio 2019

Social Evening at ICA 2019

Ludwig Forum "LuFo"

Save the date: Wednesday, September 11, 2019

A house for contemporary art: LuFo presents visual as well as acoustic art.

All participants and accompanying persons are invited for this evening without further costs, including dinner and two drinks. Additional tickets can be purchased on site.

Since 2000, the social event at the German DAGA Conference includes a Jam Session with Jazz, Blues, Rock and other music styles. At the occasion of ICA 2019, an international Jam Session will take place in the so-called “Space” of the Museum. It will be open for participants from all over the world who like to join the Jam Session, which is explicitly open to all kinds of music genres.

Brief history of the “Ludwig Forum Aachen”
(excerpt from ludwigforum.de/en/)

The first presentation of young American Pop Art in 1968 in Aachen by Peter and Irene Ludwig hit a home run. This led to the founding of the “Neue Galerie – Sammlung Ludwig”, directed by Wolfgang Becker. Soon after the Museum Ludwig in Cologne opened its doors. It advanced to being the flagship of the collection and its highlights. The objective of the “Neue Galerie” later “Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst” was in contrast directly connected to the often bold developments of the Ludwig collection. Due to the collector’s enthusiasm with the “imminent expression of a specific generation’s attitude to life”, soon-to-become world famous works by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Duane Hanson and Chuck Close became part of the collection.

Today, the collection and the Ludwig Forum are presented as a kaleidoscope of a world that has closed ranks step by step during the last thirty years. Its strength lies in the open-minded approach to important art works from five cultural regions: Europe, North America, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia.




© Carl Brunn, Ludwig Forum Aachen
© Gottfried K. Behler
© Gottfried K. Behler
© Carl Brunn, Ludwig Forum Aachen