23rd International Congress on Acoustics, Sept. 09-13, 2019
integrating 4th EAA Euroregio 2019

EAA Summer School

EAA Summer School for Young Acousticians will take place in Leuven, Belgium from September 6 to 8, 2019.

Courses and activities

At EAA Summer School 2019, there will be five courses. All courses take place from Friday through Sunday at the University of Leuven.

  • Introductory Course: Approaching Acoustics
  • Hot Topic 1 - Computational modeling in physiological and psychological acoustics (Armin Kohlrausch)
  • Hot Topic 2 - Smart city sound
    (Dick Botteldoren)
  • Hot Topic 3 - Acoustic metamaterials and sonic crystals
    (Jean-Phillippe Grobby)
  • Hot Topic 4 - Acoustic imaging (laser, beam forming, time reversal, fotoacoustics) (Christ Glorieux)

Accomodation in Leuven

You can book your accomodation here on the website of Leuven Tourist.

Travel information

Brussels Airport is nearby the city of Leuven. Leuven is easy to reach by train from all European cities.

© Karl Bruninx, view of Leuven
© Karl Bruninx, Leuven Town Hall