23rd International Congress on Acoustics, Sept. 09-13, 2019
integrating 4th EAA Euroregio 2019

FAQ for Session and Topic Organizers

Questions and Answers

The paper invitation template has been sent out to all topic organizers. For session / topic organizers who would like to receive it again, please contact jschneiderheinze@dega-akustik.de

1.Will contributed papers be added into structured sessions?
Authors of contributed papers can submit their paper either to a structured session or to the general session which exists in every topic. It will be decided together with the session chairs, of which papers each session will finally be composed.

2. Must session organizers and invited authors pay the conference fee?
Yes, authors of all papers, invited and contribute, need to pay the registration fees.

3. How does the format of the technical program look like?
We’ll have a number of parallel sessions. In a session, 20 min slots are used for invited or contributed papers, which is divided into 15 min talk and 2 min discussion and 3 min room change.

4. How many contributions should a structured session include?
Minimum 4, optimal are 8-12.

5. What about posters?
In the last slot of a session, poster authors can announce their papers in a short presentation of up to two minutes. All posters will be exhibited for at least one day and on this day, a certain amount of time (about 1 hour) will be dedicated to the poster exhibition. One session can include about 8 posters.

6. Do all authors need to hand in a final paper?
It is encouraged that final papers of all presentations be submitted, by 1 June at the very latest. If in exceptional case it is requested to just present a paper (without fulll paper), we will - upon consultation - use the abstract for the proceedings. All final papers will be published in the proceedings in open access. The manuscript can contain up to 8 pages. (Further info following up at menu point "authors")

Further information

- on request, papers can be peer-reviewed
- the proceedings will be published online in open access