23rd International Congress on Acoustics, Sept. 09-13, 2019
integrating 4th EAA Euroregio 2019

Structured Sessions

Besides the "General" sessions, various structured sessions are planned, in which the papers have been initiated by the session chairs (invited papers). Some structured sessions are dedicated to Euroregio. Authors of contributed (not-invited) papers can submit their paper either to a structured session or to the "General" session which exists for every topic. It will be decided together with the session chairs, which papers each session will finally be composed of.

Official Call for Papers of ICA 2019 (as published in December 2018)

Topic "Active acoustic systems" Organizers: Xiaojun Qiu, Joachim Bös
Sessions Session chairs
Physical aspects for active control of noise and vibration Jordan Cheer, Chuang Shi
Applications of active control of noise and vibration Sven Herold, Emiliano Rustighi
Metamaterials for active and passive acoustic control Hervé Lissek, Steven A. Cummer
Signal processing and systems for active control of noise and vibration Marek Pawełczyk, Yoshinobu Kajikawa
Topic "Audio signal processing (measurement, sensors, arrays)" Organizers: Boaz Rafaely, Gary Elko
Sessions Session chairs
Microphone array methods in room acoustics Efren Fernandez-Grande, Ning Xiang
Acoustic and audiovisual source localization Maximo Cobos, Dorothea Kolossa
Acoustic Scene Analysis: Fundamentals and Applications Steven van de Par, Simon Doclo
Loudspeaker arrays and sound field control Jens Ahrens
Microphone array systems and methods Gary Elko
Perceptual aspects in spatial audio processing Karlheinz Brandenburg
Phase-Aware Time-Frequency Signal Processing Franz Zotter, Georg Tauböck
Machine learning for audio signal processing Maximo Cobos, Walter Kellermann
Topic "Animal Bioacoustics" Organizers: Hermann Wagner, John Hildebrand, Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard
Sessions Session chairs
Acoustical Signal Processing in biological systems: Mathematical Methods and Algorithms Hartmut Führ, Peter Balazs
Evolution of the ear Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard
Sound localization - bioacoustics and neural processing Lutz Wiegrebe , Björn Kampa
Mechanisms of underwater hearing Magnus Wahlberg
Anthropogenic noise impact (continuous and intermittent sources; connections to soundscape; behavioral response) Wouter Halfwerk, Hans Slabbekoorn
Topic "Building acoustics" Organizers: Stefan Schoenwald, Jin Yong Jeon
Sessions Session chairs
Prediction methods for sound insulations John Davy, Cathy Guigou
Sound insulation in wooden construction Berndt Zeitler, Federica Morandi
Acoustic regulations and quality classes for buildings Birgit Rasmussen, Jeong-Ho Jeong
Structure-borne sources in buildings Andreas Mayr, Stefan Schoenwald
Advanced measurement techniques – Part 1: Building elements in lab and in-situ Patrizio Fausti, Christoph Hoeller
Advanced measurement techniques – Part 2: Material characterization Andrea Santoni, Christoph Hoeller
Low frequency sound and vibration in buildings Delphine Bard, Anders Homb
Insulating and absorbing materials made from renewables Francesco Martellotta, Volker Wittstock
Facade Sound Insulation Krister Larsson, Luca Barbaresi
Evaluation of floor impact sound insulation Jin Yong Jeon, Carl Hopkins
Topic "History" Organizers: Armin Kohlrausch, Karin Bijsterveld
Sessions Session chairs
Modern history of acoustics Joeri Bruyninckx, Viktoria Tkaczyk
Archeoacoustics Braxton Boren, Areti Andreopoulou 
Philosophy in Acoustics Monika Gatt
Topic "Public Outreach" Organizers: Trevor Cox, Keeta Jones
Sessions Session chairs
5 minute Thesis session   
(Invited) Speaker Panel on Science Communication  
Topic "Noise and vibration policy and assessment" Organizers: Sergio Luzzi, Marion Burgess
Sessions Session chairs
Policy and regulation for industrial noise and vibration  Eleonora Carletti, Francesca Pedrielli
Policy and regulation for recreational noise Sergio Luzzi, Chiara Bartalucci
Policy and regulation for noise and vibration in transportation Nickolay Ivanov, Kostantinos Vogiatzis, Georges Kourossis
Policy and regulation for noise in urban planning and urban soundscapes Giovanni Brambilla, Gaetano Licitra, Cesar Asensio
Policy  and regulation for noise and vibration in workplaces Florian Schelle, Yucel Demiral
Policy for noise and vibration in buildings  Antonino Di Bella
Euroregio Session: EPA Network-IGNA: Progress report on the impact, technology and regulations to abate noise in Europe Hans Bögli, René Weinandy
Euroregio Session: European harmonized calculation model for environmental noise CNOSSOS Bert Peeters, Arnaud Kok
Euroregio Session: Working on a better noise climate in the Eurocities Theo Benjert
Topic "Health effects of noise" Organizers: Irene van Kamp, Takashi Yano
Sessions Session chairs
Measuring Annoyance: New approaches  Dirk Schreckenberg, Takashi Yano
Intervention studies A. Lex Brown, Timothy van Renterghem
Perception of and responses to infrasound and low-frequency sound including wind turbines S. Yokoyama, Frits van den Berg
Audio-visual effects of noise Massimiliano Masullo
Contribution of the number of events and other traffic conditions to annoyance R. Guski, M. Morinaga
Response to transportation noise and vibration S. Yokoshima, O. Breugelmans
Sleep Mathias Basner , Michael Smith
Cognitive effects Maria Klatte, Charlotte Clark
Cardiovascular effects Elise van Kempen, Natalie Riedel
Mental Health Charlotte Clark , Katarina Paunovic
Noise and health in children  Irene van Kamp, K. Kawai
Euroregio Session: Implication WHO Guidelines Stephen Stansfeld, Irene van Kamp
Occupational noise and health Jenny Selander, Maria Albin
Topic "Vehicle acoustics (air, road, rail, water, …)" Organizers: Wolfgang Kropp, Stuart Bolton, Takeo Hashimoto
Sessions Session chairs
Automotive sound and its sound quality Sung-Hwan Shin, In-Soo Jung
Design of warning sound – from honking impact to sound quality in electric vehicles Masayuki Takada, Ercan Altinsoy
Design and control of the sound environment in a vehicle cabin Takeshi Toi, Dr. Wan-Ho Cho
Road Traffic Noise Prediction Methods Shinichi Sakamoto, Katsuya Yamauchi
TPA - Transfer Path Analysis Matthias Wegerhoff, Jeong Guon Ih
Railway Noise Stefan Lutzenberger, Ard Kuijpers
Aircraft noise Carsten Spehr, Thomas Geyer
Silent Road Surfaces Julien Cesbron, Luc Goubert
Tyre/road noise simulation Wolfgang Kropp, Carsten Hoever
Topic "Environmental sound (sources, propagation)" Organizers: Timothy Van Renterghem, Maarten Hornikx
Sessions Session chairs
Outdoor sound propagation (including urban sound propagation) Timothy Van Renterghem
Wind turbine noise: Generation and propagation Franck Bertagnolio
Sound and noise sensor network and its application to environmental sound Juan Miguel Navarro
Advances in noise mapping engineering methods Guillaume Dutilleux
Environmental sound auralisation Jens Forssén
Natural means for noise abatement Keith Attenborough
Topic "Electro-acoustics and (3D) audio signal processing" Organizers: Chris Struck, Bosun Xie
Sessions Session chairs
Spatial audio: Reproduction techniques and signal processing  Bosun Xie, Piotr Majdak
Local sound field control and reconstruction Jun Yang, Woon-Seng Gan
Speech processing for normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners Junfeng Li, Qinglin Meng
Measurement and modelling of electro-acoustic transducers Manuel Melon , Gottfried Behler
Topic "Flow acoustics" Organizers: Manfred Kaltenbacher, Young Moon
Sessions Session chairs
Flow duct acoustics Wim De Roeck, Wim Desmet
Flow acoustics of the human phonation Nathalie Henrich Bernardoni, Michael Döllinger
Fan noise Stéphane Moreau, Stefan Becker
Computational flow-generated hydroacoustics Paul Croaker, Mattias Liefvendahl
Aeroacoustics and Flow Controls Tze Pei Chong
Topic "Underwater acoustics" Organizers: Stan Dosso, Michael Taroudakis, Anton Homm
Session Session chairs
Signal processing and inversion in underwater acoustics Michael Taroudakis, Stan Dosso
Sound propagation and Monitoring in Underwater Acoustics Jan Abshagen, Carsten Zerbs
Radiated Noise of Ships and Offshore Structures Anton Homm, Victor Humphrey
Topic "Numerical, computational and theoretical acoustics" Organizers: Steffen Marburg, Li Cheng, Maarten Hornikx
Sessions Session chairs
Uncertainty Quantification in Aero- and Vibro-Acoustics Kheirollah Sepahvand, Patrick Langer
Numerical methods for acoustic materials and metamaterials Olivier Dazel, Peter Göransson
Boundary and finite element methods in acoustics and vibration Holger Waubke, Wolfgang Kreuzer
Topic "Musical acoustics" Organizers: Jean Kergomard, David Sharp
Sessions Session chairs
Articulation and other transients Vasileios Chatziioannou
Measurement, modelling and perception of string instruments Colin Gough, Evan Davis
Trends in health and safety in the musician's workplace with regard to sound exposure levels Anton Schlesinger, Jan Michael Kimmich
Experiment, theory and perception of reed conical instruments Jean Kergomard
Topic "Physical acoustics" Organizers: Maria Heckl, Xiaoyu Wang
Sessions Session chairs
Aeroacoustics of fluid-structure interactions Lorna Ayton
Propagation of acoustic waves in solid waveguides surrounded by liquid Iren Kuznetsova
Aeroacoustics and noise control Xiaoyu Wang, Yatsze Choy
Acoustic Metamaterials Matthew Guild
Acoustics of holes and dampers with mean flow Aimee Morgans, Dong Yang
Acoustic propagation and flames in combustors Jim Kok
Topic "Physiological, psychological and audiological acoustics" Organizers: Torsten Dau, Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, Armin Kohlrausch
Sessions Session chairs
Physiologically inspired auditory processing models Laurel Carney, Ian Bruce
Objective measures of auditory function Bastian Epp, Sarah Verhulst
Rehabilitative audiology Tobias Neher, Gurjit Singh
Binaural models: Algorithms and applications Piotr Majdak, Jonas Braasch
Assessment of hearing ability in realistic environments Janina Fels, Marton Marschall, Jörg Buchholz
Compensation strategies in cochlear implants Mathias Dietz, Olivier Macherey
Machine learning based approaches to model auditory perception  Ning Ma, Dorothea Kolossa
Audio-visual (speech) perception Volker Hohmann, Pavel Zahorik
Influences of multisensory processing on auditory perception Jennifer Bizley, Ross Maddox
How learning alters auditory processing: brainstem to cortex Bharath Chandrasekaran, Lori Holt
Statistics in auditory scenes Maria Chait, Yves Boubenec
Parcellating the functions of human auditory cortex Abby Noyce, Ingrid Johnsrude
Speech enrichment: listening effort and intelligibility POSTER SESSION Martin Cooke (Vitoria, ES), Volker Hohmann
Euroregio Session: EU ITN ENRICH, panel or round table or meeting point: Early Career opportunities in hearing and spoken language industry Amy Hall, Julio Cordioli
Topic "Psychoacoustics" Organizers: Patricia Davies, Roland Sottek, Katsuya Yamauchi
Sessions Session chairs
Application of Psychoacoustics in Noise Evaluation Hugo Fastl, Sonoko Kuwano
Binaural Phenomena in Psychoacoustics Steven van de Par
Multisensory Perception and Interaction Ercan Altinsoy, Shuichi Sakamoto
Cognitive Stimulus Integration (in the context of auditory sensations and sound perceptions) André Fiebig, Takeo Hashimoto
Metrics and Modeling Perception of Sound Attributes Julian Becker, Florian Völk, Patricia Davies
General Psychoacoustics Roland Sottek, Katsuya Yamauchi, Patricia Davies
Topic "Room acoustics" Organizers: Ning Xiang, Tapio Lokki, Arianna Astolfi
Sessions Session chairs
Virtual auditory reality for enclosed spaces Brian FG Katz, Makoto Otani
Wave-based room simulations Stefan Bilbao, Brian Hamilton
Recent advances in sound absorption and diffusion of materials/devices Peter D’Antonio, Trevor Cox
Acoustics of cultural heritage buildings Francesco Martellotta, Zühre Sü Gül
Sound absorption including the reverberation room issues, new trends revision ISO 354 Massimo Garai, Chiara Scrosati, Mélanie Nolan
Acoustical needs for comfortable and inclusive learning spaces Arianna Astolfi, Nicola Prodi, David S. Woolworth
Open Plan offices Valtteri Hongisto, Andreas Liebl
Human echolocation Monika Rychtarikova, Léopold Kritly
Production and perception of artistic voice Alessio  Carullo, Antonella Castellana, Malte Kob
Effects of noise and room acoustics on communication among occupational voice users Viveka Lyberg Ahlander, Pasquale Bottalico, Lady Catherine Cantor Cutiva
Acoustics and noise in hospitals: experience and impact on patients, staff and community well-being Cheol-Ho Jeong , Mai-Britt Beldam , Paul Barach
Spatial and binaural evaluation Michelle Vigeant, Stefan Weinzierl
Room acoustical simulation methods for high and low frequencies Uwe Stephenson, Martin Ochmann
Topic "Soundscape and Urban Sound Planning" Organizers: Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp, Andy Chung, Jian Kang
Sessions Session chairs
Towards standardized soundscape methodologies Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp, André Fiebig
Soundscapes of public spaces Jooyoung Hong, Tin Oberman
Quiet areas Itziar Aspuru, Miriam Weber
Soundscape indicators and modeling Jian Kang, Francesco Aletta
Urban Sound Planning Dick Botteldooren, Luigi Maffei
Indoor soundscaping and acoustic comfort Simone Graetzer, Papatya Nur Dokmeci Yorukoglu, Francesco Aletta
Acoustics  in health care facilities Hui Xie
Construction noise Krister Larsson
Wind Turbine Noise Steven Cooper , Nancy Timmermann
Audio visual interactions for noise perception Anna Preis
Euroregio Session: Noise policy in Europe and beyond Gaetano Licitra, Marco Paviotti
Trends on the use of technology in soundscape analysis, design and planning Andy Chung, Antonella Radicchi
Sound as part of digitalization of the Unesco and Unique sites Jerzy Wiciak, Franz Zotter
Noise indicators and exposure assessment for health impact and soundscape studies Peter Lercher, Arnaud Can, Pierre Aumond
Topic "Sound design" Organizers: André Fiebig, Koichi Ohtomi
Sessions Session chairs
Sound design in transportation equipment  Kochi Ohtomi
Sound quality of everyday-life products Mariko Tsuruta Hamamura, André Fiebig
Sound quality of fans and HVAC-systems Stephan Töpken, Masayuki Takada
Evaluation and Refinement of Product Sound Quality Sung-Hwan Shin, Wan-Ho Cho
Topic "Speech" Organizers: Shrikanth Narayanan, Hans-Wilhelm Gierlich
Sessions Session chairs
Speech and Audio in Cars Gerhard Schmidt, Hans-Wilhelm Gierlich
From audio and speech quality to Quality of Experience and Aesthetic Appeal Alexander Raake, Nick Zacharov
Intelligibility enhancement for binaural hearing assistive devices Richard Hendriks, Peter Jax
Topic "Structure-borne sound and vibration engineering" Organizers: Ennes Sarradj, Jeong Guon Ih
Sessions Session chairs
Shape and topology optimization of vibroacoustic structures Jakob Søndergaard Jensen , Gil Ho Yoon
Numerical analysis and experiment on structural acoustics Seong-Hyun Lee
Vibro-acoustic behavior of structure under multi-field environments Yue-ming Li , Gang Chen
Inverse problems in vibration and acoustics Nicolas Totaro , Jeong-Guon Ih
Railroad vibroacoustics Hyo-In Koh
Structural intensity – Computation, measurement, application Heow Pueh Lee , Joachim Bös
Human Vibration Magdalena Scholz, Ercan Altinsoy
Topic "Ultrasound" Organizers: Nico Declercq, Christian Koch, Victor Sánchez Morcillo
Sessions Session chairs
Sound fields for special purposes and transducer design Ulrike Steinmann
Non-destructive evaluation (NDT) Serge Dos Santos, Lynda Chehami, Martin Lints
High-frequency and ultrasonic emissions in air: Applications, measurement and human well-being Timothy G. Leighton, M. Ueda and Mario Kupnik
Hypersound and Nanoacoustics  Badreddine Assouar
Topic "Biomedical Ultrasound" Organizers: Tyrone Porter, Subha Maruvada
Session Session chairs
Metrology Andrew Hurrell, Giovanni Durando
Novel Ultrasound imaging Jason Raymond, Stefan Catheline
Brain applications of ultrasound Lennart Verhagen
Topic "Virtual Acoustics" Organizer: Michael Vorländer
Sessions Session chairs
Auditory cognition in interactive virtual environments Janina Fels, Alexander Raake
Audio for Mobile VR/AR Dinesh Manocha, Philip Robinson, Axel Plinge
Sound field rendering in Virtual Realilty Lauri Savioja, Damian Murphy, Frank Wefers, Torsten Kuhlen